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Enjoy Your Stay

Enjoy Your Stay

Whether you prefer staying in a hotel in the centre, bed&breakfast in the countryside or a cabin by a lake, you can find them all in Ilomantsi.

B&B Kuuksenkaari

The Kuuksenkaari is situated 7 kilometres from the centre of Ilomantsi. In its renovated and fully equipped apartments you will experience the atmosphere of a 100-year-old school building.

Guesthouse of a Howling Wolf

This guesthouse offers excellent opportunities for outdoor activities and a nice spot for a holiday in nature.

Megrin Matkailu

The Megri offers a unique setting for meetings, seminars, parties and tourists with a magnificent view of Lake Mekrijärvi. Book catering services in advance.

Varpopirtti Holiday Cottages

We offer you a relaxing holiday in our fully furnished cottages surrounded by beautiful nature, yet not far from Ilomantsi and Joensuu.

B&B Anssila Farm

The farm is on Anssila Hill 4 kilometres from the centre of Ilomantsi towards Joensuu and has a splendid view. Cosy accommodation is available in various farm buildings, and camping is a way to enjoy the light summer nights.

Petkeljärvi Center

The Petkeljärvi Center is located in the heart of Petkeljärvi National Park. Besides accommodation facilities, there is also home cooked meal available during the summer season.

Arhipanpirtti Lodgings

You can choose from several apartments and cottages in Hattuvaara village, near the Fighter’s House.

Hostel North Star

The hostel is 2.5 kilometres from the centre of Ilomantsi towards Möhkö village.

Guesthouse Käenkoski

Our guesthouse is located near Lake Koitere in the midst of Karelian hills.

Kovero Guesthouse

This guesthouse in Kovero village is open for tourists and groups.

Hatun Huilaus Holiday Cottages

We have three cottages near Hattuvaara village, each of them with different locations and possibilities.

Hotel Pogostan Hovi

Easy accommodation with Karelian hospitality right in the centre.

Spa Hotel Toivonlahti

The Toivonlahti offers accommodation, rehabilitation, catering and a wide range of wellness services and refreshing treatments.

KoiHu Adventures

Ecological cabins by the River Koitajoki, not far from Koitere, a lake of a hundred islands.

Myllymatti Cottage

This is excellent for a relaxing holiday all year round. The cottage is located in Natura 2000 area, a network of protected areas.

B&B Mustikkamäki

Catering for different meetings and gatherings in an old school setting 10 kilometres from the centre of Ilomantsi.

B&B Hirvola

B&B on a farm on top of a hill with a spectacular view.

Guesthouse Möhkön Rajakartano

Besides accommodation and recreation, the guesthouse offers a unique spot for meetings and courses. The guesthouse is located near the border zone in Möhkö village by the beautiful River Koitajoki.

Nietakartano Mansion

If you are a nature lover and want to wander in the wilderness of eastern Finland, the Nietakartano is the right place for you.

Puustila Scenic Farm

B&B on a hill in an idyllic landscape.

Guesthouse Mantan Majatalo

Cosy apartments in Möhkö village all year round. Catering service is available.

Ruhkaranta Holiday Village

A cosy and clean camping site and a variety of cabins and cottages are just by Lake Muokonjärvi.