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What to See in Ilomantsi

Lots of space

Authentic Karelian Culture

In Ilomantsi everything is handy – magnificent views for a nature lover, attractions and events for a culture vulture, and delicacies for a foodie.

Möhkö Ironworks

Möhkö is the easternmost village in Finland. The village by the River Koitajoki started to form around the Möhkö Ironworks, one of the biggest in Finland, in the 1840s.

Café & Bar Winetower

You can enjoy the panoramic view while tasting award-winning products made in the local winery, Hermannin Viinitila. A selection of hot and cold beverages is available with sweet and savoury pastries made in-house.

Doll and Teddy Bear House

There are over 3,000 inhabitants in the house – dolls, teddy bears and toys, the oldest of which date back to the 1920s.

Fighter’s House

The Fighter’s House (Taistelijan Talo) in Hattuvaara village was built in 1988 as a tribute to our war veterans.

Lutheran Church

This wooden Lutheran church is one of the most colorful ones in Finland with wall paintings, including a hundred angels and portraits of several characters from the Bible.

Orthodox Church of Saint Prophet Elijah

Ilomantsi is the oldest Orthodox area in Finland, and the Church of Saint Prophet Elijah is the largest wooden Orthodox church in Finland.

Craft Centre Piirolan Piha

The Piirolan Piha is the easternmost craft centre in Finland and offers culture, arts and crafts, advice and short and longer courses.