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The Koitajoki is a well-known river for canoeing, also suitable for the beginners. The river begins in little lakes in Russia where if flows before entering north of Ilomantsi approximately 50 kilometres later. From the south-east of the nature conservation area it continues to Russia again, returning then back to Ilomantsi and Möhkö village.

South of Möhkö it drops into Lake Nuorajärvi and flows further through Lake Mekrijärvi and the nature conservation area Kesonsuo, eventually falling through a tunnel of the Pamilo Hydroelectric Power Plant. The River Koitajoki ends in Lake Rahkeenvesi that falls into Lake Pyhäselkä through The River Pielisjoki.

Notice that the upper Ylä-Koitajoki in Hattuvaara village is suitable for canoeing during the spring flooding whereas in the dry season you have to be aware of the rocks.

You can rent the canoes and ask about the transportation services at Petkeljärvi National Park and KoiHu Adventures.