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Möhkö Ironworks

Möhkö is the easternmost village in Finland, by the River Koitajoki. The village started to form around the Möhkö Ironworks, one of the biggest in Finland, in the 1840s. The ruins of the blast furnace, a massive waterwheel and unique, restored canals in the area tell stories of the Möhkö Ironworks in the old days.

On one side of the area you can enjoy coffee at a logging site café Möhkön Manta that is based in an old houseboat. On the other side, you can visit a blacksmith’s workshop and take a peek into the gentry’s bathhouse Ryöppy. Lemmenpolku path – the Path of Love – by the rapids of Möhkönkoski leads you to the must-see spot, the bridge of Lotinankoski, and an arboretum that features several tree species.

The permanent exhibitions are located in the old mansion Pytinki and in an old store Ambari, both located in the middle of the area. They tell about the iron era, war history and the transportation of logs by floating them along rivers. Finally, you can buy souvenirs in the Pytinki Museum Shop.

In summer, Möhkö hosts many events.