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PikkuPriha inn

PikkuPriha inn can accommodate up to 32 guests. The yard offers space for many activities, including a lean-to and a hut. There is plenty of space for kids too, including an outdoor play area and a wooded area nearby for exciting adventures. The Inn has 3 bathrooms/toilets on the 2nd floor and 3 toilets on the 1st floor. The inn also includes a kitchen, sauna and common areas. There are also washing machines available. Guests also enjoy complimentary WiFi and breakfast.

The inn is located only 1,5 kilometers from Ilomantsi’s center and major sights. The inn is easily reached by car and guests may rent bikes for easy travel around Ilomantsi.


Pogostantie 42, 82900 Ilomantsi
tel: 050 543 7655 / 040 577 4616
email: majatalopikkupriha@gmail.com