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Villa Joukiisenranta

Along the surface of Pielinen

Joukiisenranta is located four kilometers from the church village of Eno towards Ilomantsi. The villa has two floors and can accommodate about 20 people. Each floor has its own kitchen. The large wood-heated sauna is located downstairs, with access to the large pier on the beach. The beach also has a lean-to and a fireplace, as well as a small outdoor trail, along which there is also another pier. The villa can easily accommodate 50 people to dine. The villa is open all year round. We can also be reached along the surface of Pielinen.

Luhtapohjantie 390
81200 Eno
Postal address Issakantie 43b, 82820 Maukkula
Eerik +358 50 377 6567
Päivi +358 50 366 0765