Möhkö Ironworks

Möhköntie 209, 82980 Möhkö

Möhkö Ironworks is a place for the whole family. Time goes by unnoticed as one gets to know the history of ironworks, war events and the time when Möhkö was dependent on forest. The exhibitions are located in ironworks mansion Pytinki and in shop building Ambari. Pytinki Museum Shop serves customers.

Old buildings and the park have the atmosphere of the past times. Lemmenpolku path leads you to the surges of Möhkönkoski rapids. The ruins of blast furnace, massive waterwheel and unique, restored canals tell the stories of Möhkö ironworks.

Logging site café Möhkön Manta is based in an old houseboat. It takes its visitors to the atmosphere of the logging ages. Möhkönkoski rapids are popular for recreational fishing. Möhkö also has an arboretum - a tree species park.